Touring Programs

Last August, we mounted an exciting and highly inventive production of THE PRODIGAL, John Maxwell's one-act play inspired by Henri Nouwen's book THE RETURN OF THE PRODIGAL SON. It was set in the Mississippi Delta and illuminated the story of a lost son returning home. In the story we also discover that the other son (in this script, a daughter) is also lost, and must return "home". This highly praised and received production has so far been to over twenty churches, and the beat goes on! We are also about to tour with our second touring production MARTHA. It's the Biblical story in Luke where the Messiah has come to visit, and Martha is left in the kitchen cooking a meal while her sister, Mary, sits at the feet of Jesus. The play is again in modern times, based in Pickens, Mississippi where the Messiah has chosen to visit and Martha is cooking cornbread and boiled custard! We'd love to come to your church! Please contact us at