Fish Tale Group Theatre Productions

Giving, and the Son of Joy!

Barnabas recounts his transformation from a rich young ruler to a selfless follower of Jesus. When Barnabas asks Jesus, “What must I do to follow you?”, Jesus replies, “Give all you have to the poor.” Once Barnabas witnesses the feeding of the 5,000, he finally understands God’s abundance. He begins to give his wealth away and, for the first time, experiences the joy of giving. He eventually realizes, “The earth is the Lord’s and all that is in it.”

Originally commissioned by The Church of the Redeemer in Brookhaven, MS, this monologue was presented as a kickoff to the church's stewardship campaign. Since then, John Maxwell has given the performance throughout the South. Because Barnabas gives personal testimony about the life-changing importance of giving to the Church, this monologue is perfect for stewardship season.