Fish Tale Group Theatre Productions

Fish Tale: The Story of Peter

At first Maxwell wasn't interested in creating a one-man play on Peter because he seemed so average in comparison to people like Paul and John the Baptist. "But the more I started looking into the heart of Peter, the more I realized there is not another character in the Bible who is more universal in nature....more vulnerable and humble than Peter," says Maxwell. "Haven't we all done exactly what Peter does? How many times do I have to put my foot in my mouth? Will I ever learn? And yet God loved him so much, He made him the head of His church."

"At first I had to make myself put up with Jesus," says Peter in his monologue. "All that talking, and always right." Peter loves to tell stories, and he regales the audience with his first encounter with the power of Jesus, while fishing on the river. Later, he sees Jesus turning water into wine at Cana, raising Lazarus from the dead, and "snatching demons" out of a man, then "chunking 'em into a herd of pigs." Peter's story weaves together the events leading up to the trip to Jerusalem, the night in the Garden of Gethsemane, and Peter's gut-wrenching denial.